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Death by Chocolate -- Chocolate, Fudge, and Cocoa in Cozies

To a chocoholic, these fudge bars are the equivalent of Fort Knox gold.
What happens when you take chocolate -- that decadent, dark, delicious treat
that feeds the soul and nourishes the body -- and add it to cozy mysteries? You
get a guilt-free indulgence without the calories! Here are some cozy mysteries that feature chocolate in one form or another:

Kathy Aarons -- The Chocolate-Covered Mystery Series
Death Is Like a Box of Chocolates #1
Truffled to Death #2

This series features best friends and amateur sleuths Michelle Serrano and
Erica Russell, who operate out of their bookstore/chocolate shop, Chocolates
and Chapters, in West Riverdale, Maryland.

Jessica Beck -- A Donut Shop Mystery Series
Drop Dead Chocolate #7
When donut maker Suzanne Hart’s mother enters the race for mayor in April
Springs, the last thing she and her daughter expect is that her opponent will be
murdered. Those killer chocolate donuts they were using to entice voters may
prove to be their undoing.

Sally Berneathy -- Death by Chocolate Series
Death by Chocolate #1
Murders, Lies, and Chocolate #2
The Great Chocolate Scam #3
Chocolate Moose Attack #4
Fatal Chocolate Obsession #5

Lindsay’s only secret is a chocolate chip cookie recipe, hardly worth killing for
-- but other people have their own skeletons to conceal, and some of them are
willing to go to great lengths to keep them hidden. For the chocolate-loving
restaurant owner and her friends, uncovering those tantalizing tidbits could
prove to be the solutions to some very nasty crimes, provided they survive
their investigations.

Sherri Bryan -- The Charlotte Denver Mystery Series
Fudge Cake, Felony and a Funeral #2
This cozy mystery series features amateur sleuth Charlotte Denver, a cafĂ©-bar owner in a charming English seaside village, who helps her romantic squeeze, Chief Inspector Nathan Costello, sort out the clues. Best of all, the author includes her recipes in each volume. Who doesn't like fudge cake?

Lucy Burdette -- The Key West Food Critic Mystery Series
Murder with Ganache #4
When Hayley Snow, the food critic for Key Zest Magazine, agrees to bake a
couple hundred cupcakes for her best friend Connie’s wedding, she’s sure she
can still handle her food reviews. But when her parents descend on her and
her young stepbrother, Rory, disappears, things become challenging, especially
when the teenager becomes the chief suspect in a murder case.

Never trifle with chocolate....Always use REAL whipped cream!

JoAnna Carl -- The Chocoholic Mystery Series
The Chocolate Cat Caper #1
The Chocolate Bear Burglary #2
The Chocolate Frog Frame-Up #3
The Chocolate Puppy Puzzle #4
The Chocolate Mouse Trap #5
The Chocolate Bridal Bash #6
The Chocolate Jewel Case #7
The Chocolate Snowman Murders #8
The Chocolate Cupid Killings #9
The Chocolate Pirate Plot #10
The Chocolate Castle Clue #11
The Chocolate Moose Motive #12
The Chocolate Book Bandit #13
The Chocolate Clown Corpse #14
The Chocolate Falcon Fraud #15

Book #1 starts when Lee McKinley gives up her Texas trophy wife life and
moves to a resort town in Michigan, where she takes on the task of keeping
the books for Aunt Nettie’s chocolate business, TenHuis Chocolade. As the
series evolves, so does Lee. By Book #15, she has to deal with the unexpected
arrival of former stepson Jeff, who finds himself accused of murder when he
shows up for the Tough Guys and Private Eyes film festival.

Sammi Carter (AKA Sherry Lewis; also writes as Jacklyn Brady) -- The Candy Shop Mystery Series
Chocolate-Dipped Death #2
When attorney Abby Shaw inherits Divinity, a candy shop in Paradise,
Colorado, the last thing she expects is a murder at the 10th Annual
Confectionary Competition, but someone put poison in the bon-bons.

Nancy Coco (AKA Nancy Parra) -- A Candy-Coated Mystery Series
All Fudged Up #1
To Fudge or Not to Fudge #2
Oh Say Can You Fudge #3
All I Want for Christmas Is Fudge #4

Allie McMurphy, proprietor of the Historic McMurphy Hotel and Fudge Shop
on Mackinac Island, finds herself up to her chocolate-covered neck in this
series of murderous mysteries that take place in a resort setting.

Cleo Coyle -- The Coffeehouse Mystery Series
Murder by Mocha #10
Clare Cosi discovers that her Village Blend coffee beans are being mixed with
an herbal aphrodisiac to concoct Mocha Magic Coffee, an exclusive coffee
product being sold on Aphrodite’s Village, an online community geared
towards women. After a website editor is murdered, the divorced single
mother begins to suspect that someone is willing to kill to get access to her
formula for the special coffee and she may be next on the killer’s hit list.

Krista Davis -- The Domestic Diva Mystery Series
The Diva Wraps It Up #8
The Diva Steals a Chocolate Kiss #9

Amateur sleuth and domestic diva Sophie Winston gets herself into trouble as
she follows the clues in her soon-to-be 10-book mystery series, two of which
involve chocolate.

Christine DeSmet -- The Fudge Shop Mystery Series
First-Degree Fudge #1
Hot Fudge Frame-Up #2
Five-Alarm Fudge #3

Ava Oosterling’s fudge shop in Fishers’ Harbor, Wisconsin is the place for
death by chocolate on Lake Michigan. In Book #1, an ex-star chokes on a
stolen diamond hidden in fudge. Book #2 features the killing of the fudge
judge in a two-chef competition. In Book #3, someone is willing to kill for the
recipe for Divinity Fudge.

Joanne Fluke -- The Hannah Swensen Mystery Series
Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder” #1
Fudge Cupcake Murder #5
Devil’s Food Cake Murder #14
Red Velvet Cupcake Murder #16
Double Fudge Brownie Murder #18

Hannah Swensen, the Lake Eden, Minnesota bakery owner with a nose for
sniffing out crime, takes on chocolate in five of the nineteen books in this
popular cozy mystery series. Whether she is tracking down possible suspects,
discovering dead bodies, or baking her decadent treats, there’s never a dull
moment for this baker.

Daryl Wood Gerber -- The Cookbook Nook Mystery Series
Fudging the Books #4
Jenna Hart has her hands full running the Cookbook Nook and the Chocolate
Cookbook Club meeting when her friend and candy maker Coco Chastain is
the guest of honor. The last thing anyone expects is for Coco’s editor to be
murdered during Pirate Week in Crystal Cove, California.

Janel Gradowski -- The Culinary Competition Mystery Series
Fudge Brownies and Murder #4
Amy Ridley, dedicated chef and reluctant amateur sleuth, sets out to please
her pregnant friend by baking delectable brownies to satisfy Carla’s cravings.
Determined to solve the murder of a restaurant owner at a bloggers’
conference, Amy is caught in a time crunch, desperate to solve the case before
that new baby comes into the world.

Annie Hansen -- The Kelly Clark Mystery Series
Give Me Chocolate #1
Fleeing an abusive husband in California, Kelly Clark winds up in Geneva,
Illinois, moving into an apartment above Chocolate Love, her sister’s dessert
shop. She reconnects with an old flame and dares to hope that she can succeed
in restarting her life. That opportunity evaporates when Kelly stumbles upon a
dead body. Has her past caught up with her?

Cynthia Hickey -- The Summer Meadows Mystery Series
Fudge-Laced Felonies #1
Chocolate-Covered Crime #3

Chocolate may be amateur sleuth Summer Meadows’ business, but when she
finds herself embroiled in a couple of murder cases, she gets busy sorting the
clues. What if the culprits turn out to be people she knows?

What's better than fudge cake to die for? Living to tell all about every delicious bite!

Lee Hollis (pen name for the writing team of Rick Copp, screenwriter for “The Golden Girls” and other TV shows and his unnamed sister, a food columnist) -- The Hayley Powell Food and Cocktails Mystery Series
Death of a Chocoholic #4
Death of a Cupcake Queen #6

Single mom Hayley Powell is the food and cocktails columnist for the Island
Times, finds herself investigating the murders of a chocolate maker and a
cupcake baker in these two fudgy tales that take place in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Dawn Greenfield Ireland -- The Alcott Family Adventures Series
Hot Chocolate #1
Bitter Chocolate #2

Three eccentric middle-aged sisters in River Oaks, a wealthy suburb of
Houston, tangle over chocolate and their elderly father. Lila Mae, Dorothea,
and Madge find themselves so neck-deep in trouble, not even their Alcott
Chocolate fortune is likely to save them.

Colette London -- The Chocolate Whisperer Mystery Series
Criminal Confections #1
Dangerously Dark #2

Heroine Hayley Mundy Moore is an expert and consultant on all things
chocolate, but sometimes she unexpectedly finds herself caught up in murder.

Jenn McKinlay -- The Cupcake Bakery Mystery Series
Red Velvet Revenge #4
Going, Going, Ganache #5
Dark Chocolate Demise #7

Melanie Cooper and Angie DeLaura operate Fairy Tale Cupcakes, a popular
bakery in Arizona. Whether they are baking for corporate clients, ordinary
customers, or to win a cupcake war, the two women find themselves up to
their buttercream in murder and mayhem.

Leslie Meier -- A Lucy Stone Mystery
Chocolate Covered Murder #19
Amateur sleuth and reporter for the Pennysaver, Lucy Stone tackles crime in
Tinker Cove, Maine in this popular twenty-one-book cozy mystery series. The
fun starts when Lucy is assigned to do a story on Chanticleer’s Chocolates and
the owner, handsome Trey Meacham, in time for Valentine’s Day. When the
sultry shop manager turns up dead, drenched in chocolate, the suspects
include a number of jealous women.

Andrea Penrose -- A Lady Arianna Regency Mystery
Sweet Revenge #1
The Cocoa Conspiracy #2
Recipe for Treason #3

Lady Arianna Hadley starts Book #1 posing as a French chef in an aristocratic
London household while seeking to identify her father’s murderer, soon
finding herself accused of poisoning the Prince Regent with her special
chocolate dessert. She and her husband, the Earl of Saybrook, are experts on
chocolate and use their knowledge to solve a nefarious conspiracy in Books #2
and to expose a treacherous traitor in Book #3.

Summer Prescott and Carol Durand -- A Frosted Love Cozy Mystery Series
(Please note that some of these books in this 31-volume series are credited to
Summer Prescott, some to Carol Durand, and some to both authors)
A Murder Moist Foul #1
Black Bottom Murder #6
Devil’s Food Murder #10
S’More Murder #19
Chocolate Fudge Murder #20
Hot Chocolate Murder #28
White Chocolate Murder #31

Melissa (Missy) Gladstone, crime-solving owner of Missy’s Muffins and More,
teams up with handsome detective Chas Bennett in this series set in Louisiana.

Denise Swanson -- The Scumble River Mystery Series
"Murder of a Chocolate-Covered Cherry" #10
School psychologist and amateur sleuth Skye Dennison has her hands full with a delectable puzzler when a cocky contestant drowns in a chocolate fountain during Grandma Sal's Soup-to-Nuts Cooking Challenge.


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    1. Thanks, Kathy. It was a pleasure to do the research for this list and I especially loved getting to see how many fabulous authors (including yourself!) are creating such delicious adventures. The best part for me, as a former librarian, is giving readers the chance to discover their next reads without a gazillion ads getting in the way. Reading should be a pleasure. :)